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The tournament series awards the following awards to the individual that accumulates the most points in these categories across all of the tournaments of the series:

  • Men's Singles Series Champion
  • Women's Singles Series Champion
  • Men's Doubles Series Champion (points are accumulated individually)
  • Women's Doubles Series Champion (points are accumulated individually)
  • Mixed Doubles Series Champion (points are accumulated individually)

Doubles results will be combined from all eligible categories (regular doubles and mixed doubles) to crown an overall men's and women's doubles player.

Additionally, a club is provided an award for the highest level of participation and performance across all the tournaments in the series.

For 2023, financial awards will be provided as follows:

  • Singles Winners: $1000 (Men and Women)
  • Singles Runner Up: $250 (Men and Women)
  • Top Two Doubles Players: $250 per player (2 x Men and 2 x Women)
  • Top participating club: $500

Individuals accumulate points based on their performance in tournaments it the series.  Points received are modified based on the size of the tournament and are tallied a week or so after the tournament is complete.

Here are the points that are received based on player performance:

  • Champion: 100 pts
  • Finalist: 70 pts
  • Semi-Finalist: 50 pts
  • Quarterfinalist: 25 pts
  • Round of 16: 10 pts (only used for draws of 32 or larger)
  • Round of 32: 5 pts (only used for draws of 64 or larger)
  • Main Draw Berth through Qualifying: 5 pts
  • Consolation Champion: 10 pts
  • Consolation Finalist: 5 pts

A few notes about accumulating points:

  • Players must win a match in order to accumulate points:
    • If a player receives a bye to the quarter final, but loses their first match, they will not gain any points for the main draw of the tournament
  • Points received for the tournament are multiplied by a factor, based on the size of the draw:
    • Draw of 64: All points multiplied by 1.4
    • Draw of 32: All points multiplied by 1.2
    • Draw of 16: All points multiplied by 1.0
    • Draw of 8: All points multiplied by 0.8
    • Draw of 4 or Round Robin of 4 / 5 players: All points multiplied by 0.65
    • Two players, or Round Robin of 3: All points multiplied by 0.5
  • 100% points are accumulated for open draws. The major categories are:
    • Singles: Open Men's and Women's
    • Doubles: Open Men's, Women's and Mixed
  • 30% points are accumulated for age and skill based draws.  Examples include (but will vary from tournament to tournament):
    • Men's 4.0
    • Women's 3.0
    • Over 45
    • Over 65
    • Beginner Doubles
  • Players in doubles categories will individually receive points for their team performance, and earn points individually towards the titles in each category.
    • For example, when a doubles team wins a tournament, the team will receive 100 points as the champion of that draw.  Each player will receive 100 points towards the doubles championships at the end of the season.

(Currently under review for 2024)

Clubs accumulate points for the club championship based on the participation and performance of players from their clubs.

A club receives two points:

  • For an entry of one of their club members into the tournament (regardless of how many events entered)
  • For every singles match win (excluding qualifying draws and consolation draws) 
    • For every doubles match win, the points are split among the team members with each receiving one point
    • If both players are from the same club, the club will receive 2 points.
    • If the players are from different clubs, each club receives 1 point.

A club receives one point:

  • For every doubles match win by a player from their club
    • If both players are from the same club, the club will receive 2 points.
    • If the players are from different clubs, each club receives 1 point.

For example, if a player from a club enters singles and doubles, and wins one singles match and two doubles matches, the player will gain 6 points for their club:

  • 2 point for entering the tournament
  • 2 point for the singles match win
  • 2 points for the two doubles wins

Great!  We would love to have you!

To join the series, all you need to do is enter a tournament in the series and start accumulating points!  All of the tournaments in the series are open tournaments, meaning anyone from any club or the public can join.  Check out the webpages for the tournaments to learn more.

Awesome!  Take a look at the requirements below to see if your event matches the requirements for the series.

Each tournament in the series must:

  • Be an open (allow anyone to enter)
  • Collect club membership information when signing up tournament participants
  • Provide completed draws to the series organizers for the purpose of calculating points
  • Display the series banner at the event, and provide any materials to the tournament participants as directed by the series organizers
  • Refer to the tournament as a stop in the (sponsor name) Tennis NL Open Series
  • Post any news announcements about series stops (deadlines and registration information) and share results with members of your club
  • Provide a small per-player fee to the tournament series to help fund the series (if required)

As a stop in the series, you will receive:

  • Advertising for your tournament at other clubs
  • Increased participation in your event
  • Logistical support to help run a tournament (reach out to the series organizers for more information)
  • A tournament website to run your tournament (draws, schedule, results and live streaming options)

Reach out to Pat or Thomas to learn more about hosting a stop on the tournament series.

Excellent!  We are always happy to partner with individuals and organizations that want to promote recreational tennis events.

We currently have three tiers for our sponsorships depending on what you would like to contribute:

  • Title sponsor: $3000+ commitment per year over two years
  • Gold sponsor: $1000 donation
  • Silver sponsor: $500 donation

As a silver or gold sponsor, you can optionally sponsor a specific event or prize and have it named after you or your organization.  All sponsors receive logos and links on our website, mentions in any online videos, print, tv or radio advertising.

Potential sponsors can read all of the options in our information kit.

If you are a member of the media, or another person who just wants to help out in some way, please reach out and we are happy to discuss options.

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